Network with me

If we've already met, chances are you live in the Peterborough area of England, UK. (Not to be confused with the Peterborough in Canada!)

I've been involved with the Link4Growth Association since 2012 and running community and business events in this area from then. 

The 'Link4Coffee' and 'Link4Drinks' events are absolutely free and open to anyone who would like to come along, meet others and expand their personal network and make new friends.

The 'Link4Business' events are more structured events and are typically a 50/50 split between open networking and organised activities such as a speaker or discussion. 

We're also known to have one off social events too, always inclusive. We've hired out the Exotic Pet Rescue Centre for the day for a couple of family barbecue events, we've had our 'L4B Christmas bowling championships', Christmas meals, after event pub lunches etc We also had regular online pub quiz nights and games nights in 2020 when we were all stuck indoors. 

Many of the people I network with become like family and I'd love for you to meet them too!

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Link4Coffee events

You can find all of our free community networking events on our Cambridgeshire eventbrite account

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Link4Business events

Link4Business events are free to attend for Link4Business members. Membership costs just £12 per month. Alternatively pay as you go.

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Ad hoc social events

Any non regular events which are open to all are listed on the Cambridgeshire facebook event. Why not give the page a like or follow?

Why 'Network'

'Networking' is one of those actions which can mean different things to different people. 

Wikipedia says 'Networking is the sharing of information or services between people, businesses, or groups. It is also a way for individuals to grow their relationships for their job or business. As a result, connections or a network can be built and useful for individuals in their professional or personal lives.'

We 'network' all the time and perhaps don't realise it. Asking other parents on the school run if they can recommend a local service provider is tapping into our personal network. Asking a question on social media is asking your network for help. 

There are business networks, workplace networks, personal networks... It's about people and relationships really when it comes down to it. Two things in life I value very much. If you'd like to find out more and have a chat, please do reach out