Work with me

Do you know what you want?

  • Do you have a website already but it's not working for you? 
  • Do you not have a website because you wouldn't know where to start or have not had time?
  • Do you consider yourself a bit of a technophobe?
  • Do you know what you want your website visitors to do?
  • Do you have a domain name already, a logo, existing branding?

These are the kinds of questions I would ask you to get the ball rolling and we get a feel for each other and if we'd like to work together. 

How I work

Option one - I work on an hourly rate as opposed to a set price for a one page / three page / ten page etc website which is the preferred method to many website designers. To me, it's not just about the number of pages but the time put in so this seems the fairest way to work.

Option two - I'm happy to work to a budget and the essentials are done first. It also depends on how many 'whistles and bells' you want and how much time you can contribute sourcing suitable images and providing content. If you're happy to have a go and add content and images yourself, I'm all for that too and I can focus on other areas  such as infrastructure and user experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are based on how I have tended to work over the last several years. I try to adapt to each client individually and work with their personality, capability, budget etc

In every instance, log in details to access the whole site are given to my client. Where possible, I ask that each client pays for the hosting themselves and owns their domain name. This gives you the customer access to everything you might need. 

Yes, we can do this. My same hourly rate applies and if something is a quick 10 minute job, there probably won't be any charge. Many of my clients are comfortable enough to make their own changes though, especially replacing text or an image. 

The more you can do and provide, the less time I will need to search for suitable images and write content. Stopping and starting often interrupts flow and train of thought. Potentially, a website could take a week or two from start to finish so setting some time aside yourself would be helpful.